Aditya Chandra

Aditya Chandra

“I dream of the day when I go anywhere in any part of Indonesia, instead of finding people living in difficult situations, I would find thriving small businesses, productive farms, prosperous villages, and thriving cities.”

Based in Indonesia, Aditya supports industry analyses, sector deep-dives, and investment
opportunities in Indonesia.

Prior to joining Patamar, Aditya worked at Instellar Indonesia, a purpose-driven company that
helps to build impactful and sustainable businesses. He worked with social entrepreneurs daily,
listening to their business plans, problems, and needs while connecting them with industry

Aditya holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Accounting and Finance from Monash
University, Melbourne, Australia. He is also a founder of an ed-tech programming startup
company called CodeFirst. In addition, Aditya is actively involved in the city’s National
Paralympics Committee as a deputy secretary.