Sarah Caffoor

Finance Manager
Sarah Caffoor

“I imagine a day that the rapidly developing influence of Asia is embraced for its growing potential and spectrum of cultures, driven by unrestricted access to education and finance, transforming lives for the better in a world without borders.”

As a member of Patamar’s Operations team, Sarah focuses on supporting the Finance function of the firm. Prior to joining Patamar Capital, Sarah was part of the Corporate Finance division of a leading apparel manufacturing and export company in Sri Lanka with a global presence across South Asia, Southeast Asia and the United States. Sarah accumulates six years of experience in the organization working in management accounting, treasury and investments. She also monitored operations and cashflow requirements of the firm’s foreign entities across Hong Kong, Mauritius and Singapore. Preceding this Sarah also worked at KPMG conducting audits across industries including diversified holdings, trading, finance, manufacturing, service organizations & fund management.

Sarah has received her professional qualification from and is a Member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, UK. She also has a keen interest in the areas of Strategy, Brand Management, Business Modelling & Entrepreneurship and has obtained Certifications in Corporate Strategy from UCL School of Management and Innovation through Design from the University of Sydney. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys exploring new languages and is passionate about creating a positive impact through improved access to education to underserved communities.