Beaudean T. Seil

Beaudean T. Seil

I imagine a day where SE Asia’s migrant workers can easily find employment and move freely between jobs without paying predatory fees, and conveniently access formal financial products and services through mobile platforms.

As a Co-Founder and Partner, Beau led Patamar’s expansion into new geographic markets and has been instrumental in establishing the firm’s presence throughout Southeast Asia over the last 10+ years. During his career, he has lived in China, India, and Indonesia, and as a result of his work and travels seeking out new investment opportunities, Beau has witnessed the growth and development of the tech and VC ecosystems in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

Beau has a deep passion for investments in companies (i) building agent networks to provide valuable products and services to underserved communities, (ii) serving the financial and employment needs of blue collar and migrant workers, and (iii) providing affordable housing solutions. Linked to his passion, Beau has led investments into eCommerce, agriculture, fintech, job matching and digital health companies in South and Southeast Asia. He has also been instrumental in integrating a gender-lens across the firm’s operations and investment strategy as the Patamar team launched Southeast Asia’s first gender-lens VC fund in partnership with the Australian Government’s Investing in Women initiative.

Beau is an Eisenhower Fellow and Kauffman Fellow, and holds a JD/MBA-Finance and B.S. in Psychology from Brigham Young University – all experiences which led him to discover his passion for leadership training and coaching entrepreneurs.