Mariah Manuel

Operations Manager
Mariah Manuel

“My hope is that through financial inclusion and equitable economic growth- the youth in Southeast Asia will be able to reimagine their future, beyond their existing realities.”

Mariah is a Manager in the Patamar Operations team, focusing on portfolio management, impact assessment and LP relations & reporting. She has amassed experience at every tier within the apparel industry in Sri Lanka – with her outset, fresh out of university in 2015, as a Junior Buyer. Evaluating sales trends for Mothercare and Early Learning Centre.

Subsequently, she continued on to Hela Clothing, now the first apparel manufacturing company to be listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. At Hela, she led the Business Intelligence and Research team within the Corporate Strategy Division that formulated the long-range strategy for the company to successfully IPO. Thereafter, Mariah served as an Assistant Manager of Strategic Planning and Control at Stretchline Holdings, globally, the largest narrow elasticated fabric manufacturer. She oversaw the creation and routine updating of a Business Performance Dashboard used to inform shareholders and other stakeholders of business performance and financial health.

Mariah holds a Master’s in Financial Economics from the University of Colombo. As well as a Bachelor’s in Business and Commerce from Monash University- making the Dean’s Commendation List in 2014. She was also the lead author of a research article on public debt accumulation and poverty alleviation in Sri Lanka which was published in the Sri Lanka Economic Journal in 2020.