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Patamar Capital Selected in ImpactAssets Eighth Annual IA 50 Impact Investment Fund Manager Showcase

Posted on Feb 26, 2019
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Industry’s first publicly available, searchable resource of impact investing fund managers sees record number of applicants and features firms that manage $28.5 billion in assets.

BETHESDA, Md., Feb. 26ImpactAssets has released its ImpactAssets 50 2019 (IA 50), the first publicly available online database for impact investors, family offices, financial advisors and institutional investors. The eighth annual list features a diversified listing of 50 private capital fund managers that deliver social and environmental impact as well as financial returns.  IA 50 users can sort and filter across a range of asset classes (debt, private equity and real assets), geographies, size of funds, themes and more. Patamar Capital has been selected for its third consecutive year.

“We’re delighted to be included in this list of impact investing leaders from around the world,” said Beau Seil, Partner at Patamar Capital. “At Patamar Capital, we’re focused on building a broader coalition with mainstream capital markets to prove that both social impact and risk commensurate financial returns can not only coexist, but mutually reinforce one another. We’re honored to be part of the 2019 IA50 class of firms.”

The IA 50 2019 saw a record number of private debt and equity fund manager applications. Managers who met the IA 50’s in-depth review criteria manage an estimated $28.5 billion in assets devoted to creating measurable, positive impact.

“This year’s IA 50 highlights a diverse and tested group of fund managers that are delivering environmental and social impact as well as solid investment returns,” said Jed Emerson, ImpactAssets Senior Fellow, and IA 50 Review Committee Chair.  “Whether you are just starting your impact investing journey or are a veteran impact investor, the IA 50 is a trusted database to help investors identify experienced impact investment firms and explore the landscape of potential investment options.”

The IA 50 is the first publicly available, searchable database of outstanding impact investing fund managers. This year’s showcase, which includes funds based in the United States, Africa, Europe and Latin America, highlights the increasingly diverse opportunities for investors to help create social value across the globe. Fund managers represent a breadth of asset classes, ranging from real assets like forestry and farmland, private thematic debt and microfinance, to private early and growth stage equity in U.S. and emerging markets.

The list demonstrates an increased thematic focus on education, clean technology, alternative energy and climate change and affordable housing and community development. Fund managers continue to focus as well on microfinance, global health, sustainable agriculture, natural resources and conservation, nutrition, health and wellness, small and medium business development, racial equity and water and sanitation.

“As impact investing continues its inexorable rise, it is critical to provide investors with a curated, objective evaluation of impact fund managers,” said Jennifer Kenning, CEO and Co-Founder of Align Impact, and IA 50 Senior Investment Advisor.  “The IA 50 is built to filter out the noise that is growing louder in impact investing and help investors focus on deep, meaningful impact.”

In addition to Emerson and Kenning, the IA 50 Review Committee is comprised of impact investment experts and leaders, including Karl “Charly” Kleissner, Co-Founder of Toniic and KL Felicitas Foundation; Kathy Leonard, Senior Vice President, Investments and Senior Portfolio Manager for UBS; Stephanie Cohn Rupp, Managing Director, and Partner, Tiedemann Wealth Management; Fran Seegull, Executive Director, U.S. Impact Investing Alliance, Ford Foundation; Liesel Pritzker Simmons and Ian Simmons, Co-Founders of Blue Haven Initiative and Matthew Weatherley-White, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The CAPROCK Group.

“ImpactAssets is focused on fostering deep impact investing with innovative investment solutions, resources and education,” said Margret Trilli, President and Chief Investment Officer at ImpactAssets. “The IA 50 is a cornerstone of our efforts to help investors gain access to the resources they need in order to help double the impact of their capital.”

The IA 50 is not an index or investable platform and does not constitute an offering or recommend specific products. It is not a replacement for due diligence. In order to be considered for the IA 50 2019, fund managers needed to have at least $10 million in assets under management, more than 3 years of experience as a firm with impact investing, documented social and/or environmental impact and be available for U.S. investment. Additional details on the selection process are here.

About Patamar Capital

Patamar Capital (“Patamar”) is a venture capital firm that targets risk commensurate returns for its investors, while also seeking to unlock better economic opportunities for South and Southeast Asia’s low-income communities. Patamar is currently in the process of raising its second fund (“Fund II”), which will be invested in twenty to twenty-five early and growth stage companies. Patamar also manages its “proof-of-concept portfolio” and Livelihood Impact Fund, L.P. (“Fund I”). Through Fund I, the management team has invested in 14 companies, many of which have grown quickly and scaled to reach large populations. Since Patamar’s initial investment, several of its portfolio companies have gone on to raise larger amounts of capital at significant increases in valuation. As an early stage investor, Patamar seeks to help these companies scale their operations and impact, achieve commercial success, and generate long-term capital appreciation for investors.

About ImpactAssets

ImpactAssets is a nonprofit financial services firm that increases the flow of capital into investments delivering financial, social and environmental returns. ImpactAssets’ donor advised fund (“The Giving Fund”) and field-building initiatives enable philanthropists, other asset owners and their wealth advisors to advance social or environmental change through impact investment and philanthropy.

About the ImpactAssets 50

The IA 50 is the first publicly available database that provides a gateway into the world of impact investing for investors and their financial advisors, offering an easy way to identify experienced impact investment firms and explore the landscape of potential investment options.  The IA 50 is intended to illustrate the breadth of impact investment fund managers operating today, though it is not a comprehensive list.  These 50 firms have been selected to demonstrate a wide range of impact investing activities across geographies, sectors and asset classes.

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