mClinica’s SnapRx platform wins Award at the World Government Summit


mClinica’s SnapRx platform wins Award at the World Government Summit

The World Government Summit honored mClinica with a global award for its innovative big data platform, SnapRx mClinica’s Farouk Meralli and the FDA Philippines’ Nela.. Read More

mClinica’s pharmacy technology platform reach over 100,000 pharmacy professionals across 6 countries in the ASEAN region

For its next phase of development, the company hopes it can work towards a marketplace, a pharmaceutical distribution platform or even a fully connected solution.. Read More

Singapore startup creates Philippines’ first national prescription tracking system

Pharmacies in the Philippines are typically mom-and-pop-style operations that run on pen and paper. This means that no one – from the drug firms to.. Read More

With mobile app, pharmacy logbooks to go digital by 2020

Information from the electronic Drug Safety System developed by startup mClinica may help authorities fight outbreaks and understand the underlying causes of diseases.  NEW TECHNOLOGY... Read More

Using tech to bring transparency to Philippines’ pharmacies

Regulators are seeking more transparency and control when it comes to areas of business and commerce that impact the masses — in today’s day and age... Read More

Forbes – mClinica COO and CFO Included in Forbes 30 Under 30

Shiyang and Rusinov are the CFO and COO of mClinica, a Singapore-headquartered healthcare technology company with operations in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. The.. Read More