About Patamar Capital

We are a leading venture capital firm focused on South and Southeast Asia’s mass market.

$100 M assets under management

Patamar Capital is a venture capital firm with more than $100 million of assets under management

20 portfolio companies

Our portfolio companies are located across seven countries throughout South and Southeast Asia

5m lives improved

We have improved 5 million lives through increase in income, savings, or access to life-enhancing products and services

Attractive markets overlooked by traditional venture capital

South and Southeast Asia account for one third of the world’s population, yet receive only 7% of global venture capital investment. The population growth in these regions is 2x that of advanced economies, the regions are more densely populated, and younger. Patamar Capital’s portfolio companies will capture the growth of smartphone-first Millennial and Gen Z generations in South and Southeast Asia.

global vc investment

world population 2020

  • South Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Rest of World

Patamar Capital invests in tech-enabled companies and platforms serving:

  • “Mass Market” consumers - 1.6 billion low and middle-income consumers in developing Asia
  • Small and medium enterprises (”SME’s”) that make up the majority of current economic activity and future growth in emerging Asian markets

key sectors

  • Financial Services

  • Tech-enabled Distribution Platforms