Big Tree Farms

Big Tree Farms is a vertically integrated supply chain company working with smallholder farmers to produce organic coconut sweeteners, coconut water concentrate, and cacao.

iCare Benefits

iCare Benefits offers frontline factory workers the ability to purchase life-essential goods and services at affordable prices via low-cost installment financing.

Jana Care

Jana Care is building mobile diagnostics and behavior change programs for the screening and management of chronic disease.


Kalibrr is a talent marketplace for emerging market countries that matches highly relevant candidates to jobs based on skills, experience, and interest.

Kinara Capital

Kinara provides debt capital to micro and small businesses through an innovative supply-chain financing model without requiring any land or property collateral.


Leaf is a vertically integrated agriculture supply chain company designed to meet the growing demand for fresh, hygienic produce in India.


mClinica is a data and analytics company that provides access to real-time last-mile pharmaceutical data in emerging markets for the first time.

Micro Benefits

Micro Benefits focuses on improving the livelihood of front line workers through the use of innovation and mobile technology.


RUMA is a technology-enabled distribution platform that provides products and services tailored to the needs of low-income consumers, and increases the incomes of its agents who make up Indonesia’s largest network of small shopkeepers.


Shotang is an online marketplace that is revolutionizing the way retailers order and pay for their inventory by aggregating consumer brands, resellers and small shopkeepers onto a common platform.


Topica EdTech Group is a leading online education provider in Southeast Asia, offering affordable, high-quality online degrees and English speech tutoring.

Trust Circle

Trust Circle is a simple, transparent mobile platform that provides a vehicle for personal savings and easy access to credit.


uPay is building Sri Lanka's first digital payments platform.


Vasham leverages a closed loop business model to provide Indonesian smallholder farmers with the financing, expertise, and income security they need to achieve significantly better standards of living.