5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used Today

Posted on April 22, 2018 by Patamar Capital

The idea of artificial intelligence (AI) has always beguiled and fascinated humanity, way before we knew what to call it. Nowadays, AI also plays a role in matching people looking for work with potential employers.

Recruitment technology company Kalibrr, a Patamar portfolio company, uses Artificial Intelligence to find specific job vacancies for jobseekers, matching them using Deep Learning. The model allows the app to get a better grasp of the job descriptions provided by prospective employers, enabling Kalibrr to provide tailor-fit recommendations for both the job seekers and recruiters.

Like Siri, Kalibrr also employs NLP, applying it to job descriptions, candidate CVs, and so on, so that they can be translated into a format that the app’s software can process.

The app also looks at the job seeker’s history of actions (e.g. which job posts the person viewed) as well as the office’s (e.g. which candidate profiles the employer views frequently) in order to match them more precisely. Interestingly, the more you use Kalibrr, the more its recommendations become personalized and closer to your actual preferences.

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