Using tech to bring transparency to Philippines’ pharmacies

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Using tech to bring transparency to Philippines’ pharmacies

Regulators are seeking more transparency and control when it comes to areas of business and commerce that impact the masses — in today’s day and age... Read More

Here’s how farmers in Karnataka’s drought-hit districts have increased crop yields

Patamar portfolio company LEAF has managed to drought-proof the farmers who are not running losses and all the payments for their crop are promptly made.. Read More

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used Today

The idea of artificial intelligence (AI) has always beguiled and fascinated humanity, way before we knew what to call it. Nowadays, AI also plays a role.. Read More

Female Financial Empowerment: Experian backs financial-literacy and microfinance initiatives targeting 2 million disadvantaged women in Asia

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – March 7th , 2018 – On International Women’s Day this year, Experian is reaffirming its commitment to female financial literacy and inclusion.. Read More

Lowest commission rates through UPay app

While digital payments are leading the way forward globally, UPay a Sri Lankan mobile app and  Patamar portfolio company provides the lowest commission rates for.. Read More

Siemens launches diagnostic system for chronic illness

Siemens Healthineers, an arm the of diversified Siemens Group, launched a smart phone-based diagnostic system in association with medical technology startup and Patamar portfolio company.. Read More