Huffington Post – Harvard Grads Develop Tech to Help Patients Better Manage Diabetes in India

Posted on March 1, 2016 by Patamar Capital

Huffington Post Recently, I asked Scientific Director of Jana Care, Dr. Ashok (A.J.) Kumar, to tell me how his startup is working to help patients with diabetes in India. Dr. Kumar received his Ph.D. from Harvard University, where he developed a density-based separation systems and worked on adapting technologies for use as low-cost diagnostics. Dr. Kumar has three patents. His goal is to harness science and technology to address issues of social justice and development. Previously, A.J. worked in the Peace Corps.

Marquis Cabrera: How did you get involved with Jana Care?

Dr. Ashok Kumar I’ve been active in the diagnostics development and global health space since I came to the Boston area in 2009. As a grad student, I used to organize a group called Diagnostic Innovations in Global Health and for one of our events, Michal Depa, the CTO and co-founder of Jana Care was a panelist. We stayed in touch while I was finishing up my PhD and then I got involved as a consultant. When I was considering what to do next, the opportunity came up to join Jana Care full time to lead the scientific efforts and set up a Boston office.

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