By applying a gender lens, we believe we can unlock economic opportunities and drive positive social change.

Gender Lens

Patamar Capital is committed to gender lens investing. By applying a gender lens, we believe we can unlock economic opportunites and drive positive social changes. Doing so also enhances the culture inside Patamar and helps attract diverse talent to the team. We believe that analyzing gender patterns and gender biases will allow us to identify undervalued opportunities, resulting in better investment and portfolio management decisions, and improved returns for investors.

Watch our film on the Patamar Capital Gender lens here.

The firm considers a number of lenses

  • Status of women in society and in relevant sectors
  • Products & services that benefit women
  • Women-led businesses
  • Gender equity in the workplace

Investing in Women Initiative

In 2017, Patamar Capital launched a partnership with Investing in Women (IW), an initiative of the Australian Government, to foster the growth of women-owned SMEs (WSMEs) in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. With the goal of building an investment market around female entrepreneurs, creating more success stories, and demonstrating to other investors the value of applying a gender lens to their investment strategy, we backed 6 seed-stage WSMEs which were leaders in their respective industries and geographic markets, as well as a further 8 WSMEs through the dedicated Accelerator Program.

“Gender lens investing is incorporating a gender lens analysis in a financial analysis to get better decisions.” - Criterion Institute

Investing in Women Portfolio