About Us

I. Market Opportunity

Our target geographies, India, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Vietnam, display strong growth,  yet massive market inefficiencies remain.

Strong Growth

  • Young, high density population of 2+ billion
  • 50%+ smartphone penetration in target geographies
  • Deepening talent pool

Inefficient Markets

  • Market inefficiencies disproportionately affect low-income populations:
  • Underbanked and lacking financial services
  • Sold worst products, at worst prices, with worst service
  • Limited economic advancement opportunities

II. Investment Strategy: Patamar's Three Pillars

We invest in companies that:

Build Distribution Platforms to Better Serve Low-income Communities

Develop Life Enhancing Products and Services for Low-Income Communities

Reconfigure Supply Chains to Better Serve Low-income Producers

Entrepreneurs selected by Patamar aggregate fragmented markets, scale models successfully, and exit to strategic acquirers.

III. Demonstrable Results

The firm makes equity investments in early stage (series A) businesses in South and Southeast Asia and selective growth-stage (series B) investments. Patamar Capital actively supports all portfolio companies, helping them scale, achieve commercial success, and generate long term capital appreciation.

By addressing market inefficiencies, the firm’s investments will seek to unlock economic value not only for Limited Partners, but also for low-income communities who are disproportionately affected by these inefficiencies. Therefore, Patamar Capital reports on the social impact of its investments, including the number of low-income individuals impacted and the economic value realized by these individuals (e.g. increase in income, increase in savings).

Map showing India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines


By applying a gender lens, we believe we can unlock economic opportunities and drive positive social change.

Patamar Capital is committed to gender lens investing because the management team believes such a focus will help the firm make better investment and portfolio management decisions. Doing so also enhances the culture inside Patamar and helps us attract diverse talent to our team. We believe that analyzing gender patterns and gender bias will allow us to identify undervalued opportunities and result in better investment decisions and improved return for investors.

The firm considers a number of lenses:

  • 1) Status of women in society and in relevant sectors
  • 2) Products & services that benefit women
  • 3) Women-led businesses
  • 4) Gender equity in the workplace
“Gender lens investing is incorporating a gender analysis into a financial analysis in order to get better decisions.”
Criterion Institute